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Amaniyah Publishers offers technical mathematics textbooks for Grade ten, eleven and twelve learners. These study guides are compiled by M Hindmarsh-Russel according to the CAPS curriculum. We offer two theory and workbooks per grade that are conveniently sectioned according to school terms. Browse through our collection of textbooks and workbooks below.
Technical mathematics, also known as applied mathematics, is the study of concepts such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, finances, and measurements that will benefit students who choose a technical career path. Learners who want to enter professions such as plumbing or become an electrician will benefit from choosing technical mathematics as a school subject. The theory is taught to learners at a preliminary level with the main focus on understanding how to apply these maths skills in a practical way, hence the term applied mathematics.
Each theory and workbook include chapters that are dedicated to understanding and mastering various math topics. Examples are clearly drawn up and explained at the beginning of each section for teaching purposes, followed by exercises for learners to apply their gained knowledge.
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You can find PDF versions of our technical maths textbooks at SNAPPLIFY and ITSI.

Learners that are in the FET Phase of their schooling career have the option of choosing between three forms of mathematics to further their studies in. These three forms of mathematics consist of technical maths and the following two:
• Pure Maths
Pure mathematics is made up of an academic body of work that depends on intellect and structures surrounding numerical data. This subject deals with understanding and expanding knowledge of mathematics itself. Pure maths is the most difficult form of maths out of the three options and requires extra guidance and assistance outside of school. Learners who choose pure maths have the choice of further education in fields such as medicine, accounting, and science.
• Maths Literacy
Mathematical literacy deals with basic math skills that can be used in our everyday lives. Learners who choose to study maths literacy, learn how to use maths concepts and skills to solve common daily problems such as calculating income tax. Choosing mathematical literacy will force learners to think critically and rationally about real-life situations and enhance their problem-solving skills.
It is important for students to take their career path into consideration when deciding on which form of mathematics to continue studying at a high school level. Failure to do this will result in the student to be placed in a forced profession in the future. Learners who choose technical maths should be encouraged to further their studies in technical subjects such as biology and physical sciences, that will support their knowledge gained in the mathematics classroom.
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