Amaniyah supplies affordable natural science and physical science solutions textbooks online.

At Amaniyah, we offer the best natural science and physical science solutions textbooks range. Take a look at our collection of books available for purchase today.

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One of the most important tools for school-going learners is a textbook. These learning guides are self-study material for classwork, revision and preparation purposes. Apart from assisting students, textbooks are also a great source of information for teachers. Textbooks help teachers to better understand the subject by walking learners through multiple ideas relating to the subject, it assists them in creating effective lesson plans, as well as guides debates and interactive conversations in class surrounding the topic.

These natural science and physical science solutions textbooks are compiled in English. Each textbook acts as a framework of important information that is vital for leaners to have in order to understand the subject being discussed.

Students from the intermediate phase, up until senior phase are continuously reading to comprehend information for the sake of gaining knowledge. This is why it is important to take the language that the content is written in, into consideration when deciding on which textbook will be used in a teaching and learning environment.
This series of textbooks have been compiled by Ondiso4sci and A Oliver. They are made according to the CAPS syllabus. You can choose between textbooks written in the English or Afrikaans language.

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You can find PDF versions of our Solutions textbooks at SNAPPLIFY and ITSI.

We supply textbooks for two branches of science, namely natural science and physical science. The natural science range includes the following:

Grade Eight
This textbook covers a wide range of topics such as photosynthesis, chemical reactions, the effect of an electrical circuit and much more. Learners get the opportunity to apply their knowledge by answering a number of questions given after each topic discussion. Different diagrams have been used in sections of the textbook, to create a visual idea of the topic for the grade eight learners.

Grade Nine
The grade nine natural science solutions textbook comprises of much more complex areas of learning. Practical activities are included in the textbook for learners to apply their gained knowledge in a more realistic setting.

Physical Sciences textbooks for grade 10, 11and 12 are also available for purchase from Amaniyah Publishers. Take a look at the different books in English from the solutions range.

Using textbooks can provide countless benefits. Some of these include:
• Textbooks provide direction in understanding the subject. Learners can refer back to the book when there is no person to assist him or her outside of the learning environment.
• Students who learn in English are reaping the benefits of expanded knowledge, such as basic skills of communication in English between peers, whilst getting educated on other fields of study.
Purchase your copy of the natural science and physical science solutions textbooks for senior phase learners from Amaniyah Publishers online. Our textbooks are competitively prices, ranging from R72.00 to R215.00. Students can look forward to studying natural science and physical science in a more interactive manner when these textbooks are used in the classrooms.

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