Amaniyah Publishers stocks a variety of Picture Life Sciences textbooks which are used in high schools across South Africa.

Picture Life-Sciences is a combination of a theory and workbook. Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 will benefit greatly from the use of this unique range of educational life science books. It’s ideal to use in class, while doing homework or when studying. These life sciences textbooks are perfect for schools functioning under the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) system. Using this will ensure that all the work included in the senior phase curriculum is covered. Theory is explained in a way to make it simple to understand. Numerous examples are supplied to show how the theory can be applied to different scenarios. Apart from these illustrations, there are also activities which can be completed by students to test their own knowledge and comprehension.

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Reasons to buy Life-Sciences textbooks from Amaniyah Publishers

Students can easily make notes of important mentions by their teachers and complete activities with the explanatory theory at hand for reference. This helps to keep everything in one place, especially when end year exams draw near and older work has to be revised. Many teachers use this workbook to help students recognise concepts they may be struggling to comprehend. Memorandums are available to mark workbook activities in class or when students are busy with self-study and exam preparations. This will help everyone to understand, not only to memorise answers. It is much easier to remember something when you understand it, and that is why picture life science theory and workbook is such a useful guide.
Life sciences is a subject often taken by learners who plan on studying BSc degrees after school. Although it is not compulsory to have had the subject in school when applying at universities, learners will benefit greatly from having basic knowledge of the subject prior to their tertiary studies. Picture Life Sciences will help high school learners to quickly grasp intricate topics which are featured in this range of textbooks. It lays the foundation of a wide field of future studies. Future doctors, scientists and vets are only some of the people who need sound knowledge and resources from the initial stages of their life science studies. Picture life sciences is the ideal textbook and can always be referred to in future.
Trust Amaniyah Publishers for the best life sciences textbook prices and fast delivery thereof throughout South Africa. This fantastic range of life science textbooks are affordable and available for between R185.00 and R230.00. We take pride in knowing that we supply customers with quality textbooks, fast and friendly services as well as competitive prices. Excellent customer service is always at the top of our priority list.
If you need reliable educational material to help students successfully pass their grade 10, 11 and matric examinations, order Picture Life Sciences theory and workbooks for your high school students today. To find out more about our products and services, feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

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