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Improve your student’s mathematics performance in class by using this range of Move with Maths textbooks. Each book contains content that will encourage learners to question mathematical concepts and entice curiosity. Purchase these textbooks from Amaniyah Publishers for your learners today.
By motivating students to share their ideas surrounding the subject, teachers are creating a positive, active and meaningful environment. Teachers can make use of the Move with Maths textbooks to start conversations surrounding mathematical concepts in the classroom. These conversations will strengthen students’ critical thinking and communication skills, not just in the classroom but also in life.
Another great advantage of using these textbooks is that the content is easy to read and comprehend. These Move with Maths theory and workbooks are written in English. In the foundation phase, intermediate and senior phase learning, educators are trained to teach and communicate with learners.
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You can find PDF versions of our Move with Maths textbooks at SNAPPLIFY and ITSI.

Many students find it difficult to understand the work when they do not recognise the mathematical problems themselves. The Move with Maths theory and workbook can be used both in the classroom and at home environment, to aid and assist learners who struggle with understanding mathematics. Extra homework can be assigned for practise purposes, so that students can grasp the concepts at their own pace.
Without having a textbook available for learners in class, children fail to fully understand the content. This leads to poor academic results and a lack of interest in the subject. By having access to textbooks in a learning environment, pupils have the opportunity to refer back to previous exercises, should they feel the need to recall what has been taught in class.
The Move with Maths theory and workbooks are compiled in such a way that each chapter contains a bit of theory as well as exercises that have been drawn up to help stimulate the brain, and allow learners to put their gained knowledge into practice.

Author M. Hindmarsh wrote the Move with Maths theory and workbook according to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement of South Africa. The CAPS curriculum is a revised version of the National Curriculum Statement which was previously used in schools across the country.

At Amaniyah Publishers, we offer Move with Maths textbooks for learners in the senior phase of learning, more commonly known as grade seven, eight and nine high school level education. Add your desired textbook to your cart online today before making the purchase. These theory and workbooks are competitively priced at R142.00 per book. We offer nationwide delivery to our customers across South Africa. Make learning maths more fun with the Move with Maths textbooks available for purchase on our website now.

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