Amaniyah supplies affordable Math-e-Genius textbooks online.

We are leading distributors of textbooks for primary and secondary schools in South Africa. One of the most effective school books for mathematics on offer include the Math-e-Genius theory and workbooks. Browse through the textbooks available for different grades, on our website today.

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Introducing numerical concepts to learners during early childhood education is important for further teaching opportunities in secondary and tertiary institutions. Children who are exposed to such data at a young age will implement mathematics much better in a classroom setting.
Apart from learning how to work with numbers, mathematics help children to develop an aptitude for understanding shapes, recognising patterns and acquiring problem solving skills during early childhood education and development.

Amaniyah supplies a theory and workbook specifically aimed at foundation phase students and has a Math-e-Genius textbook for sale for learners falling under the intermediate phase of learning. Each book is compiled according to the standards of the Department of Educations and the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement, also known as the CAPS syllabus.

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You can find PDF versions of our Math-e-Genius textbooks at SNAPPLIFY and ITSI.

In order to obtain an optimum learning experience in mathematics, learners need to be motivated, driven and think critically. These mathematics textbooks will help learners to understand the subject by working through fun and interactive examples set out in the book. Colourful illustrations have been used to stimulate the brain, improve engagement and create a positive experience for students learning the subject.
Author, Ida Neto, developed the Math-e-Genius programme with the intention of giving users of the textbook the best education in the subject. Neto received her Bachelor of Science Education (BSc.Ed) in 1996, majoring in mathematics, physics and education.
The Math-e-Genius program is combined according to three focus points, namely;
• Pedagogic correctness
Introducing the Math-e-Genius textbooks in school creates a platform for collaborative learning practices between teachers and students in a classroom. Students who use these textbooks are able to comprehend new ideas surrounding mathematics by working through exercises in the learning material with a teacher.

• Subject didactic correctness
Grade 1 to 6 teachers using the Math-e-Genius books are provided with term plans, week plans and even lesson plans to guide them in delivering information about the subject in the best and most receptive way possible.

• Subject knowledge
Subject knowledge deals with information surrounding a certain topic or subject. It is vital for mathematics teachers to understand the subject in order to interpret and convey correct math concepts to their learners. The Math-e-Genius textbooks provide teachers with fundamental learning blocks for mathematics students, such as counting, as well as effective theories surrounding the subject.

At Amaniyah, we deliver purchased textbooks anywhere across South Africa. Choose from the different grading options below to find the best copy of the Math-e-Genius Theory and Workbook for you today. Our company offers the best and most affordable prices, ranging from R90 to R210. Select and buy your copy of the Math-e-Genius textbooks online now to improve your learners understanding of numerical concepts, problem-solving and much more. Give your scholars the best foundation for further education in a tertiary level institution when you utilize the Math-e-Genius textbooks in your classroom.

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