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The search for up to date, affordable life science books has never been simpler when you shop at Amaniyah Publishers, South Africa’s leading textbook supplier.

The stress of having to find the right textbooks at the best prices is just another unnecessary and tiresome part of any new school term. Popular South African school textbooks sell out fast and schools need to be prepared well in advance of the New Year. What better way than to shop online?

Our textbook shop aims to provide schools with a quick, effective and affordable way to buy new textbooks, enabling their students and heads of department to start the new term off on the right foot.

Amaniyah Publishers stocks a wide selection of textbooks, such as biology textbooks and physical science textbooks, each of which is printed in accordance with the current school curriculum. Our easy to purchase mathematics books and more are available in both English and Afrikaans and be bought in e-book format, a style popular amongst those looking to save money.  Most schools have the means of printing textbooks so should you run short of your budget, e-books are one of the best options at your disposal.

South African Textbooks from Primary to Grade 12

Providing schools with all of the popular textbooks in South Africa, we aim to provide the most up to date selection of quality content. Our years of experience enable us to produce the best textbooks, using industry standard formats and images, making the books easy to read and understand.

By providing the best teaching resources, educators are able to provide the kind of teaching experience upon which children thrive. Our content is currently available across the school years, covering all of the grades from primary to high school. We ensure that our content is capable of providing the right support to all involved in the educational process, including parents who take a keen interest in their children’s education and who want to familiarise themselves with the latest teaching materials.

Our proudly South African background puts us in the perfect position to combine South African knowledge and perspectives with global standards, to produce fully rounded textbooks. We draw knowledge from the set curriculum as well as from educators with the ultimate aim of vastly improving learner outcomes.

We take our role in the education of young South Africans seriously and we have made it our goal to provide schools with the very best, easy to follow content in our popular selection of textbooks.

As dedicated partners in the educating of children, we have made a commitment to improving the lives of students by helping to ensure that they experience the best education possible. In order to create the right textbook content, we:

  • Undertake extensive research followed by testing the materials we create.
  • Develop our textbooks with the assistance of industry experts and create content according to international standards.
  • Undertake continuous quality control tests.
  • Consult with teachers

We aim to create an all-encompassing approach to teaching through the use of our textbooks and e-books.

Textbook Buying Options

Whether you are looking to replace a handful of broken books, or should the curriculum have changed and you now find yourself in need of a hundred or more books to replace your existing selection, we have the solutions for you.

For those buying more than 40 books, orders can be made by getting directly in touch with us. This will help to speed up orders and ensure that they get to you when you need them.

HoDs can also get directly in touch with us to discuss their specific textbook needs, and we’ll do all we can to ensure that you get the right books to make the teaching experience a fully rounded, successful one.

Orders need to be placed well in advance in order to avoid late deliveries. We urge those buying books in bulk to get in contact with us as soon as possible in order to avoid costly delays.

Our Most Popular Textbooks for Sale

With a range that includes a comprehensive selection of textbooks, our shop is the go to supplier for many schools in South Africa. Our textbook shop’s best sellers include:

  • Mathematics books (mathematics textbooks are available in English and Afrikaans)
  • Physical Science textbooks (specifically for grade 12 learners although we also have for grade 8, 9, 10 and 11)
  • Biology textbooks
  • Life Science books
  • Technology textbooks
  • Natural Science textbooks

Our collection continues to grow as our company does, and we are looking forward to adding more subjects in the future. Written in a clear, concise language, with stunning images and easy to understand diagrams, our textbooks are made to get the message properly across. Our textbook layout allows learners to easily grasp concepts and breeze through the material, allowing them to get the most out of their education.

Integrating Print with Digital

Printed textbooks will always have a place in the classroom. The digital alternatives, however, are becoming a helpful classroom staple. When teachers are unable to get textbooks on time, or should they need to replace damaged textbooks and are awaiting their orders, having the option of downloading the textbook they need helps to create a temporary solution.

Many schools buy e-books to print out and bind, or they will use the e-book to create simple teaching aids based on the information they are teaching. The combination of textbook and teaching aid can vastly improve the learning experience and it goes a long way towards making any lesson a more interesting and interactive one.

Interactive learning has been proven to make the learning experience more effective and we are proud to be a part of this teaching approach when we create high quality digital material.

Make the most of your schools approach to education by partnering up with Amaniyah Publishers. Contact us today for more information.